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Bubble hockey birthplace, holiday shopping local style, Pegula's natural gas success story...

From Business Today:

Who knew? The popular bubble hockey game, a staple in rinksICE  from California to Newfoundland are made right here in Clarence? Innovative Concepts in Entertainment has been making the games since 1983, along with other arcade staples. But it is bubble hockey that has become a fixture of modern arena life. Recognizing the popularity, the folks from ICE are staging the "World Bubble Hockey Championships" at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center during the World Junior Hockey Championships.

Local stores, the mom-and-pop shops sitting on city and CLAYTONS village streets away from the Big Box stores, are optimistic about a strong holiday shopping season.

Business columnist David Robinson explains how Terrence Pegula made enough money in the Pennsylvania natural gas business to consider buying the Sabres and possibly Pegula the Bills. It's a great story.

Niagara Falls may soon have its first licensed check cashing business. Universal Check Cashing Corp. has applied for a license to open a store on Portage Road. The state has cracked down on unlicensed check cashing operations, claiming they are preying on the poor by charging outrageous fees to cash pay checks.

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 These guys are good...  

Brother truckers, new Moog boss, tax preparers and promotions...

From Business Today:

Most of the truckers trapped in the day-and-a-half our shut down WINTER STORM of the New York State Thruway from Wednesday night into Friday morning took it all in stride. They're seen it all over the country, from ´╗┐Tucson to Tucumcarie. Trucking companies have to scramble when such a delay occurs, calling customers and finding alternate routes.

Moog Inc., one of Western New York's premier companies, has named John Scannell as president and COO.  An Irishman, Scannell John Scannell has been with Moog for 20 years, having joined the company in its European division. Scannell also becomes heir apparent to chairman Robert T. Brady.

Tax preparers who give rebate anticipation loans must register online with the state. The new law is to provide oversight of the expensive loan program that some say preys on the poor.

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You knew this was coming...  

Living in a church, companies get grants, Statler saga and promotions...

From Business Today:

Ever walk into church and wonder what the sanctuary would look like as an apartment?LOFTS AT WARWICK  Well, you can see at the former North Park United Presbyterian Church in North Buffalo. Creative Structure Services just completed converting the church and adjoining school into 12 apartments. It's one of several former churches in the region that have been renovated for housing.

Seven grants and loans from the Empire State Development Corp. totalling $5.7 million are expected to create 329 jobs in the Western Steuben Foods STEUBEN FOODS New York region. The companies that received the money are: PCB Piezotronics, Praxair, Steuben FoodsMetaullics Systems, Empire Genomics, Audubon Machinery Corp., and SolEpoxy.

The continuing saga of the bid to buy the Statler Towers has been delayed for a week. Supporters of the building are patient. What's a week when the fate of such a landmark is at stake?

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Buffalo economy, HSBC Bank ordered to pay, Cleveland BioLabs, promotions...

From Business Today:

The slow-and-steady nature of the Buffalo Niagara region's economy hasBuffalo  AERIAL  helped it sidestep much of the damage from the Great Recession. But that benefit may have run its course. A recent study by the Brookings Institution shows that the region is slower than most in coming out of the recession. Job growth and wages are slow. The study shows that the world's emerging markets are growing much faster than industrialized economies, and that a major economic shift to these high growth regions may be taking place.

HSBC Bank has been ordered to pay $25.6 million into trusts owned by the Knox family due to mismanagement and negligence in handling the money over five decades. The decision is one of the largest ever awarded by the Surrogate Court in New York state. The bank said it will appeal.

No surprise that the folks who hope to save and redevelop the Statler Towers in downtown Buffalo are seeking a three-month extension on the deadline to close on the purchase of the historic building on Statler AERIAL Niagara Square. A bankruptcy judge hears that request today. With no other bidders lined up to buy the building, there is little doubt the extension will be granted.

A promising local bio-tech company, Cleveland BioLabs, has been granted fast track review status for its anti-radiation drug Protectan. The drug is of interest to the Defense Department and possibly to cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.

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