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In the Big Leagues now

Ford Gum & Machine in Akron has started producing and shipping Big League Chew to customers, just as planned when its licensing deal for the product was announced last October.

Two of its three packing lines for the shredded gum are operational, and the third is expected to go into use this week, says George Stege, the company's president.  Sales are much stronger than anticipated for the first few weeks, he said, and plans are still on track to hire at least 24 more people.

Big League Chew had been part of Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co.'s production stable since 1980, before Ford Gum acquired the rights to make and sell the gum under a license with the Rob Nelson Co.

Fans of Big League Chew from the 1980s will remember this TV ad:


-- Matt Glynn



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