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Big book seller woes, green zoning, bank merger battle and hoist it...

From Business Today:

Borders, the mega-book seller, has hit the skids and filed for bankruptcy protection. The two stores in the Buffalo area are not on the immediate closingBorders Bankruptcy  list, but who knows when, or if, a next wave of cuts will come. Borders has had some mismanagement issues, but its downfall is part of a much bigger transformation that is facing all information companies. If the product can be digitized, it can be distributed online.

Columbus McKinnon, the local maker of hoists, is looking abroad for its future growth. Timothy T. Tevens, company president and CEO, told financial advisors that the company is ready to go where the growth is.

Buffalo's zoning laws are undergoing some radical changes, with an eye toward the future. City planners Bikes have scheduled a series of public meetings to discuss laws that will make the city more green and more favorable for bikers and walkers.

First Niagara Bank's bid to buy one of the largest banks in Connecticut is going to get some more scrutiny. The politically charged takeover of NewAlliance Bancshares in New Haven will be the subject of two days of hearings before the Connecticut banking commissioner. Vocal critics of the deal fear less local control of the bank.

Who is getting promoted, hired and honored?


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