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Dentist meltdown, Larkin District housing, new bank boss, and GM plant tours...

From Business Today:

Things must have been terribly wrong at Allcare Dental when it decided to suddenly close all its offices across the country on Dec. 31. The abruptness of the Larkin men's club closing and the fact that the owners did not tell anyone has triggered a cascade of legal problems. People have struggled to get their dental records, others complain of paying for services not rendered, and attorneys general in some states are considering legal action. The company, headquartered in a tiny office in Clarence, is preparing to file for bankruptcy. In hindsight, there must have been a better way to close up shop.

The gentrification of the Larkin District continues, with plans to convert a sturdy two-story building behind the Larkin at Exchange Building inot apartments. the Larkin Development Group headed by Howard Zemsky is continuing to transform the former warehouse area just east of downtown on Seneca Street into an elegant place to work and live. Earlier this week the company announced plans to build a new service center nearby for Capital Management Services. Now the company plans to convert the former Larkin Men's Club into apartments.

The new CEO of Lake Shore Bancorp. will be paid $225,000 a year in salary as he takes over for lontime CEO David Mancuso, who retired last week. Daniel P. Reininga, a former real estate investor who has been on the bank board since 1994 and bank COO since 2001, took over the top spot last Friday.

Ever wonder what it's like inside the giant GM engine plant on River Road in the Town of Toanawanda? GM PLANT 2 Well, the plant is hosting an open house on June 17. It gives the community an opportunity to see what all the excitement has been about as GM emerges from bankruptcy and retakes it's position as a global leader.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Did someone call for a dentist?


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