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Gas costs jumping, small business loans falling, calling in sick easier...

From Business Today:

What is up with gas prices? How can trouble in the MideastGas pump icons Fin gas Wippert  mean an immediate price hike at the pump? Locally prices have shot up 14 cents a gallon in the past week. Today the average local price of a gallon of regular is $3.48. Immediate price fluctuations are caused and amplified by the complex market system of speculators, oil companies and gas station operators. The good news is we have gas to use. The bad news is expect prices to continue rising.

Job hunting in the global age means using the internet, and the University at Buffalo is helping engineering students go global. An online career fair on Turesday will ONLINejobfair help link students here with job opportunities everywhere.

Small business lending under the SBA program locally slowed in January due partly to the elimination of fee waivers. The loss of the discounts led to a 71 percent drop in the amount of loans written compared to December. Experts say is is not a reflection of an economic slowdown, but rather simple economics: the prices went up so demand fell.

Technology is a beautiful thing... especially when calling in sick for work. The
  use of email and social networks have made that dreaded 'cough-cough' call to the boss almost painless, some experts say.

Recent real estate transactions from Erie and Niagara counties...

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