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Libya roils oil markets, Statler deal on track and Tops dropping

From Business Today:

Libya Turmoil in Libya helped drive oil prices to $95 per barrel, the highest level in two years. Libyan leader Mommar Gadhafi showed no signs of giving up power amid protests against his regime. Investors fear the political unrest could spread to other OPEC countries and cause greater disruption in world oil supplies.


Developer Mark Croce says his plan to buy the Statler remains on track. He intends to wrap up the deal, through his Statler City LLC entity, by the end of March. His attorney says the only thing left to be done Statler is to obtain signed waivers from municipal entities related to unpaid taxes on the Statler. The waivers would not wipe out the taxes; the waivers instead shift the responsibility for paying them from the Statler bankruptcy estate to the Statler's buyer.



Starting next week, shoppers at Tops Markets stores will no longer be able to buy event tickets through at the supermarkets' customer service centers. The in-store relationship will end Sunday. Costly upgrades would have been needed to continue the service, which led to the decision.


Danny Gare's nickname is Tickets:



-- Matt Glynn

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