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Selling supermarkets, the development tax game, more ATM's please...

From Business Today:

People have a lot to say when it comes to their grocery stores. Tops Markets had planned to sell seven of the stores it bought from Quality Markets last year because they were very close to existing Tops stores. The Federal Trade Commission was overseeing Tops sign gone fin Tops sign Cantillon 3 the sale because of antitrust issues. But more than 300 comments were received, so the store sales have been delayed while the comments are reviewed. The FTC wants Tops to find suitable buyers for the stores because it fears the company will have too much pricing power if it controls all of the stores in any vicinity. The union representing Tops hourly workers opposes the FTC order to sell the stores, saying it will kill jobs.

It pays to know how the development game is played in this town. The group developing the Larkin District knows that tax breaks are available for projects, and they know how to get them. Two weeks after plans for building a new $8.4 million service center for Capital Management Services were Capital management 111 Hydrolic 2 announced, the Erie County IDA awarded the project $1.8 million in tax breaks. Developers say tax breaks are what make such projects feasible. Until tax reform comes, such piecemeal tax breaks are going to be the way business gets done.

KeyBank is installing five stand-alone ATM machines as part of its expansion in Western New York. The ATMS's are less expensive than branches, and most people do their banking at them.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

This ever happen when you shop?


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