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We're still in the Super Bowl (sort of)

Think "Dallas" and "Buffalo" and "Super Bowl," and unpleasant memories flood to mind. (Unless you count Don Beebe knocking the ball out of Leon Lett's hand.)

But there is a local tie to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas on Sunday. Amherst-based Birdair supplied the fabric membrane roofing and clamping to create what would become the world’s longest retractable roof at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.


Birdair is known for its work on roofing for stadiums and arenas around the world. The NFL says the retractable roof at Cowboys Stadium will be closed for The Big Game, so Birdair's work will be on full display. (Impress your friends with this detail at the party.)

-- Matt Glynn



Here's Don Beebe epitomizing hustle in Super Bowl XXVII in January 1993 :



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