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Alert to workplace violence, paying off TARP, and Curves reimbursements...

From Business Today:

After almost every incident of serious workplace violence, Workplace violence workers say they didn't think it could have happened there. Safety and law enforcement experts say, 'yes it can,' and people should be prepared to thwart it, or to protect themselves if it happens. If a co-worker is making vague threats, report it. Set up a system at work to make such reports. As unlikely as people think such a threat is, staying alert to the threat can save lives.

Five Star Bank wants to get the government out of its business, so it is selling  $40 million in new stock to pay off its TARP loan. Financial Institutions, the parent company of the bank, would be joining First Niagara Financial Group in paying off the Troubled Asset Relief Program loans that were taken out in 2008. That would leave only M&T Bank Corp. as the only local bank with outstanding TARP loans.

Members of the seven area Curves women's health clubs that closed abruptly in 2009 can apply for refunds of their fees from a fund set up by the state. The Better Business Bureau is administering the program that was set up by the Attorney General's Office and can be reached at (212)358-2857.

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