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Canada not wooing us, earthquake protection, making it online and take-over protection...

From Business Today:

Americans are not visiting Canada as much as they usedBORDER  to, but a recent study says the reason is not simply border crossing hassles. Canadian businesses have pulled back on their advertising to Americans. Traffic headed to Canada did slow down dramatically after passports or other documents were required, but that no longer is an impediment to visiting Canada, according to a study by Deloitte & Touche. In a self-fulfilling circle, Canadian busineses stopped advertising to Americans when the visits slowed, and now Americans are no longer being enticed to make the trip north.

The damage from the earthquake in Japan, a tragedy of epic Taylor proportions, was reduced slightly by a Tonawanda company. Taylor Devices makes giant shock absorbers used in building in earthquake zones. the structures that used Taylor's equipment all survived without major damage.

Making the leap from a start-up Internet company, to an established business with $10 million in sales is a feat no matter where it is done. When it's done in Western New York, it's amazing. KegWorks is one such firm, and its successKegworks  shows that with the right product and execution, it can be done.

Using public money to keep tenants in the HSBC Tower may be the smartest thing for Buffalo.

First Niagara Financial Group is asking shareholders to change its certificate of incorporation to remove provisions that could help block an unwanted takeover. The move, favored as good corporate governance by some shareholder groups, sounds a little scary to others. First Niagara is one of the city's best corporate citizens and a employer with about 1,400 local employees.

Which insiders are buying and selling shares in local companies?

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Reasons to visit Canada...

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