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Factories slow, convention bureau pays well, high flying ambulance and downtown fans...

From Business Today:

The companies that make things around Western New York slowed down a bit in February. The report from the local purchasing managers association Factory photo showed that manufacturers in the area had drops in production, new orders and employment. Since manufacturing jobs tend to pay more than service jobs, such a drop can have repercussions in the local economy. What's not clear is if the drop is a temporary event or the start of a trend.

The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center and Visitors Bureau spends more of its money on salaries than many similar bureaus in the Northeast, a survey by the Eric County comptroller found. The audit found that 53 percent  of the CVB's money goes to salaries, second highest of the bureaus studied. The CONVENTION CENTER Albany County bureau pays 56 percent to salaries, and Rochester spends 41 percent of its budget on salaries. The CVB's $1.6 milion payroll and average cost per employee was the highest in the comptroller's study.  CVB officials counter that a wider look at such bureaus shows its salaries are 2 percent below the average.

What if you are travelling and you get seriously ill or injured? Do you want to be treated at the local hospital? If not, you can buy coverage that will shuttle you to the Cleveland Clinic or the hospital of your choice. The Travel Team, the travel agency owned by Rich Products, announced it is offering such coverage for $400 to $600 a year. Rich Products has a strong connection to the Cleveland Clinic. Chairman Robert E. Rich Jr. is also chairman of the clinic's board.

Buffalo Place, the agency that takes care of the Main Street corridor downtown and hosts Thursday at the Square and other concerts, is a big promoter for the city. Fabulous Thunderbirds But its director admits more needs to be done to bring the downtown area it its full potential.

Who is getting hired, promoted or honored?

How about a little Thursday at the Square jam?


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