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Gas prices changing behaviors, doughnuts and coffee, good jobs and more...

From Business Today:

Will rising gas prices change your habits? Most people inGas prices_001  an informal survey said yes, either with carpooling or driving less. But some drivers took a more nonchalant approach - it is what it is. In the Buffalo Niagara region, gas is averaging $3.67 a gallon today. Most analysts say when it hits $4 a gallon, people really start to change.

Doughnuts and coffee are good business in Buffalo, and a new company is plunging into the pool in a big way. Tim Cloe and Doug Spolyar, whose Northern Star Restaurant Management owns 21 Dunkin - Cloe Spolyar Dunkin' Donut shops in Massachusetts, bought 11 shops in the Buffalo area and the rights to build 20 more. They're joining a crowded field with Tim Hortons, Starbucks, McDonald's and Spot Coffee, to name a few. But, can you really have too many coffee shops?

Computer Task Group is growing and it needs talent.The information technology company's health care sector needs about 100 people in te next three months. CEO James Boldt Ctg - BOLDT said the company hopes to lure back some Western New Yorkers who may be working in the health care industry back home.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

How about some gas price comedy..


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