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Japan crisis reaches around the world, anti-radiation medicine suddenly hot, TV blackouts raising a ruckus...

From Business Today:

Some Western New York companies are watching events in Japan very closely. The companies have offices or even headquarters in Japan, and many are worriedFin kirkham koike aronson 04  about colleagues and family members. Orchard Park-based Mentholatum is owned by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., as is Arcade-based Kioke Aronson. Neither firm is affected right now, but could be if things get worse in Japan.  Car makers and auto dealers could be affected if the auto plants in Japan are closed for an extended time. Once again, we are learning how small the world has become.

Cleveland Biolabs, the Buffalo company that makes an anti-radiation medicine, has seen its stock price jump in reaction to fears of radiation leaks in Japan. The medicine, Protectan, has not been approved for use yet, but the company has offered it if needed in Japan.

The dispute between LIN Media and Dish Network that blacked out two local TV stations for several says Musial Fin Musial Wippert last week has drawn attention to the growing unhappiness over the use of blackouts in contract negotiations between broadcasters and cable and satellite companies. The Federal Communications Commission is now stepping in to see if the rules need to be changed. Viewers who pay for the service are tired of being used as pawns in the negotiations.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

And recent real estate transactions...


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