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Radio heads, gas again, home prices rise...

From Business Today:

Citadel Broadcasting, the radio giant that owns four stations in the Buffalo Niagara region, has been sold for $2.4 billion to another radio giant, Cumulus Media.WEDG   Does it mean anything if one mega-media corporation buys another mega-media corporation? Let's hope not. The four stations here are not cookie-cutter chain stations. They all have their own local flavor and style and let's hope they keep it that way. The four stations are: WGRF-FM 97 Rock, WEDG-FM 103.3 The Edge, WHTT-FM 104.1 Classic Hits and WHLD-AM Swing 1270.

National Fuel Gas Co. continues to draw protests from activists who want the company to put more money into weatherizing homes of low income customers. The protestors also want to limit the pay of company executives. The company counters that the protestors are trying to "erode the public's trust" in its conservation programs. Meanwhile, Pennsylvania officials are struggling to figure out how much "frack water" from natural gas wells is actually being recycled after Seneca Resources Corp., a National Fuel Gas subsidiary, made a mistake in telling the state how much water it recycled. The state misinterpreted the volume, and assumed 42 times the water was being recycled.

Home sales Buffalo Niagara home prices have been rising at a time when prices across the country have been falling. That's a nice feeling.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?


On the radio? You bet!


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