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Small businesses going green, smoking to quit, safety first and home sales...

From Business Today:

When going green equals saving money, business owners start to take notice. Saving money and also sending a signal to customers about environmental stewardshipGREEN  are combining to push some unlikely businesses into the 'green realm.' Small automotive shops are installing heating systems that burn used motor oil. (Here is a video about the Hillman Automotive system in the Town of Lockport.) Others are using state grants to install solar panels, and still others are designing buildings with better insulation and better use of natural light. When small business is getting involved, you know things are changing.

Trying to quit smoking? Try smoking. A Clarence company called the 22nd Century Group is seeting FDA approval for a new type of low-nicotine tobacco. The theory behind the plants is that people can ween themselves off cigarettes while still smoking cigarettes. But New tobacco 22nd centurary for others, the company is considering producing a tobacco with less tar but more nicotine.

Home sales in the Buffalo Niagara region are near historic lows, but are slowing picking up. And the prices homes are fetching are also rising. Sounds like the start of a turnaround.

Safety has always been important in this region. Given our manufacturing heritage, safety in the plants has been a pillar of local industry. The local safety professionals are holding their 75th annual conference next week, toSafety conference  highlight the continued focus on safety in all workplaces.

Recent real estate transactions in the Buffalo Niagara market.


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