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Smaller grocery stores, foreclosures halted, money shrink...

From Business Today:

Tops Markets is taking its commitment to Western New YorkTops smaller store  to another level, opening a new smaller format store in the Harlem-Kensington neighborhood in Cheektowaga. The company spent about $3 million to completely remodel a former Jubilee store, and executives say they plan to use the smaller store model to fill in areas that may not support a giant store. Residents near the new store are ecstatic.

Buried deep inside the earnings report from HSBC, the bank said it was stopping home foreclosures while it reviews its procedures. HSBC, like many big banks, is being investigated for shoddy paper work in the foreclosure process. Mortgages have been bundled and sold so many times, it is difficult to confirm who actually owns the mortgages. No one argues that some people have stopped making mortgage payments, but the paper work has gotten so mixed up, courts are not letting the foreclosures proceed.

Having trouble reducing spending? It might be that you are acting on things learned in childhood. A new Moneysmart shrink way of looking at spending and saving habits focuses on people's beliefs about money called "money scripts."  So, in addition to a financial planner, you may need a psychologist to help you save. What next?

Who is getting promoted, hired and honored?

  More grocery store high jinks...


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