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Cars stalled, Boomer loves Buffalo, lofty Buff State grad returns, job growth continues...

From Business Today:

The resurgent car market has run into a slight glitch. So many Basil people are buying that the trains can't move cars from the facctory to the dealerships fast enough. Some dealerships say they have to wait longer than usual to get cars delivered. On one hand, that's a nice problem to have.

ESPN anchor Chris Berman has a soft spot for Buffalo. He even has a famous tag line: "No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills." Berman brought his quick wit and warm feelings for the Queen BERMAN City to the annual conference of the Insurance Club of Buffalo. His spoke about ESPN's early days and the hurdles the business had to jump. Berman's message for business people: businesses that look like they are "can't miss" usually had to go through lots of hard work and adjustmentds to get there.

Buffalo State College graduate Susan S. Bies had a seat at one of the most powerful economic organizations in the world, the U.S. Federal Reserve. She brought her perspective from that lofty perch back to her alma mater, giving her view on the economic recovery. The housing crisis will be a drag on the ECONOMICS FINANCE FORUM BIES overall economy for several more years, she said.

The slow job growth in the Buffalo Niagara region continues. The private sector added 2,500 jobs over the last year, while government employment dropped slightly. It's slow growth, but it's growth.

First Niagara Bank is continuing its expansion into New England. While waiting for it's purchase of NewAlliance Bancshares in Connecticut to close, the bank bought Pierson & Smith, a Connecticut insurance brokerage. It's a model First Niagara has followed in other regions.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?


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