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Social media spies, Buffalo Portfolio strong, medical bill transparency, and real estate sales...

From Business Today:

Have you ever had a funny feeling that maybe you shouldn't be blathering so much on Facebook? Maybe the photos of you in the conga line are not appropriate? Well. trust your instincts. Recruiters, lawyers and even law enforcement folks are looking into social DIGITS 02 networking sites more and more to see what kind of people they are dealing with. A local company called Digits run by former law enforcement people is one firm that does the background work.

Buffalo area publicly traded companies had a strong quarter, posting an 8 percent gain as a group. That performanace outpaced most major indices.

Medical and dental bills have always been the black hole of personal finance planning. You never really knew how much a procedure might cost, expecially if you were going outside of your insurer's network. Dentist Sadler  03 A new website aims to shine some light on that murky subject. Fair Health has put up listing regional rates for specific procedures. The hope is that it will educate people about how much they can expect to pay. The site is the result of a lawsuit filed by former Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Recent area real estate transactions...

Feel like somebody's watching you?

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