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A job fair, a lower jobless rate and an Amherst worker sentenced for bid-rigging

From Business Today:

Job fair Career Fest at the Millennium Airport Hotel brought about 650 job seekers to Cheektowaga CareerFest Tuesday. Some employers said they are being more picky in their hiring, but others said they are willing to take a chance on people transitioning from different careers. Several job seekers were middle-aged men and women, some of whom had been pushed out of the area's dwindling manufacturing and labor industries. The event was sponsored by


Career Fest came on the heels of Labor Department reports that unemployment rates are improving in Western New York. Unemployment rates in Buffalo Niagara dropped to a three-year low of 7.6 percent last month. "It's a slow recovery, but it's a recovery," said John Slenker, a regional economist for the Labor Department in Buffalo. The jobless rate dropped, in part, because the region has about 5,200 fewer unemployed workers than it did a year ago, but 16,000 more than it did before the recession started affecting the job market four years ago.


A federal judge in Newark, N.J. sentenced an Amherst man to home confinement and five years of probation after finding he received kickbacks while working on two major New Jersey environmental cleanup projects. Norman Stoerr, 55, was also ordered to pay $416,000 in fines and restitution. He plead guilty in 20008 to felony counts of fraud, bid-rigging and tax crimes when he was a contracts adminstrator for Niagara Falls company Sevenson Environmental Services.


Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

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