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Accelerating Upstate, Imperiling Pabst and Bettering the Bankruptcy Rate

From Business Today:


Thought leaders will head to Buffalo in August to attack issues facing Upstate New York and to come up Dowtownbuildings with solutions for the area, including ways to accelerate economic growth. The Accelerate Upstate conference will last two days and brainstorm ways to spark growth by leveraging the area's assets, such as its many colleges and universities and its proximity to Canada. The conference, to be held August 4 and 5, is organized by the Buffalo Niagara Partnership.


Pabst Pabst Blue Ribbon, the cheap beer in the iconic can, saw a resurgence recently after being adopted by hipsters and cool kids as their ironic drink of choice. But the brewer's move of headquarters from Illinois to Los Angeles could put the brand's appeal in peril.



Fewer people are filing for bankruptcy in Western New York and Rochester, according to the U.S.Foreclosure  Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of New York.  Filings fell 7.5 percent in Buffalo.



Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

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