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Job growth slow but steady, area worker sentenced in Dubai, nursing home workers have new contract...

From Business Today:

Job growth in the Buffalo Niagara region was slow in April, butEconomy  there was growth. The two-county region added 2,100 jobs over April last year, for a 0.4 percent growth rate. It's slower than much of the rest of the state and the nation, but it is going in the right direction. The private sector has grown for 13 straight months in the region.

An employee of Cameron Compression Systems in Buffalo is serving a one-month sentence in a Dubai prison, and he's breathing a sigh of relief for it. Adam Foster, of Burdett in the Finger Lakes region, said he found a pair of police handcuffs on the ground, and they were in his luggage when he was leaving the country. Airport guards spotted them, and he was charged with theft. Authorities believed he took them from a police station. A judge passed down the one-month sentence Thursday, which Foster started serving immediately.

Nursing home workers at the Weinberg Campus in Getzville approved a three-year contract that calls for a two-percent wage hike.

 Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

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