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Buffalo Niagara housing a bargain, plant expansion coming, controlling the kids...

From Business Today:

Housing prices in the Buffalo Niagara region are getting some Historic NIAGARA HISTORIC4 LEWIS nice publicity. A recent study by Harvard University noted that the median price of a home  in the region ranks as the 36th most affordable among the top 100 metro areas, in relation to the median income. That means people working here can better afford homes. Another, more narrow report by Coldwell Banker Real Estate, noted that among the properties it has listed, Niagara Falls ranks as the most affordable with an average price of $60,000. 

APP Pharmaceuticals is moving ahead with plans to expand its Grand Island factory. State tax APP abatements of $1.3 million are the latest push that the project has received. It is also in line for other tax breaks and low cost hydro power. 

Downtown landlords are urging the Buffalo City Council to somehow limit events when underage people mingle with adults in bars and restaurants. The commingling Local norman chippewa st contributes to crowds of teenagers gathering in the the city's entertainment district, which has led to unruly behavior and worse.

Cattaraugus County Bank CEO Sal Marranca had a bully pulpit in Washington on Wednesday, speaking before a Senate Banking subcommittee. Marranca, chairman of the Community Bankers of America, said small banks are being punished by regulations designed to reign in giant banks. He urged lawmakers to consider tiered regulations to free the small banks from extra costs.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

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