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Schumer scolds refineries, State grants check-cashing license

From Business Today:

 Sen. Charles E. Schumer was in Cheektowaga Tuesday to announce his call for an investigation into highSchumer  gas prices. Schumer said gas prices are falling too slowly in comparison with the decline in oil prices. He is asking the Federal Trade Commission to probe oil refineries and find whether refiners are cutting back on gasoline stockpiles to keep prices artificially high. There are plenty of theories why gas in Western New York is so high: taxes, our position at the end of a gas supply pipeline, etc. Schumer said he wants to put pressure on refiners to make sure they are not taking too much profit.


 Another check-cashing outfit will open in Western New York, this time in Alden. State banking regulators issued a license to Check Express LLC, owned by Laura Dulski. It will be the fourth business in the area allowed by law to cash checks for a fee. An application for a fifth company is pending in Niagara Falls.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

How about some real Cash?


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