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Beer growlers, hotel deal and a new sushi bar...

From Business Today:

Beer lovers have something to celebrate. The growler has come to Western New York in a big way. Consumers Beverage and a couple of other places have been offeringGrowlers  the fill-your-own half-gallon containers of beer for a few years, but now the Sunoco APlus stores have gotten into the act. The convenience stores have 12 taps of micro brewery suds. Sunoco is using the Buffalo area as a test market, and so far the company likes what it sees. The jugs are topped with a seal to conforn to the open container laws, so drivers can't crack open a jug before they get home.

The hotel business in Niagara Falls in the U.S. remains a small business game. Most of the city's hotels are owned by small hotel operators affiliated with a national brand. Merani Holding, a Niagara Falls tourists Canadian firm, received a $500,000 grant from the city to help bring a chain restaurant to a hotel it is refurbishing on Buffalo Avenue.

The former IHOP restaurant on Delaware Avenue near Hertel Avenue in Buffalo has had a complete makeover and will reopen soon as a Tokyo II Seafood Steakhouse, a place for hibachi grilled food andTokyo  sushi. Oishii! (That's delicious in Japanese.)

Who is getting hired, promoted or honored?

The beer song!


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