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Fire prevention invention, Tops sale OKed by FTC, Five insurers penalized by state

From Business Today:


After a rash of devastating Fourth of July fires, a Western New Yorker's invention seems especially sound. Al Shaw, president of Butterfly Safety Products, invented the Butterfly Smoke Seal. Made of high-temperature cloth, it is made to slip beneath a door to keep smoke and poisonous gases out. The barrier is meant to buy time in the case someone is trapped in a blaze without a means of escape. The invention recently won an award at an invention convention and Shaw is readying it for the marketplace. 


The Federal Trade Commission granted Tops Friendly Markets permission to sell three of the 79 stores it acquired from the bankrupt Penn Traffic Company last year. The FTC ordered Tops to sell seven of the 79 stores after it decided the company's purchase allowed it to dominate too much market area in some places. The stores are in Ithaca, Cortland and Sayre, Pa. The FTC also named The Food Partners LLC, a Washington, D.C.-based investment banking firm to oversee the sale of another four stores, which includes one at 7134 Rochester Road in Lockport.

The state Insurance Department recently penalized five insurance agents in Western New York. Steven J. Argo of Lockport failed to account for money paid into premiums, Michael R. Bryskinski of Kenmore enrolled three customers in automatic debit payment accounts without their consent, Patrick Cain in Buffalo applied for life and accident insurance on behalf of insured clients without their consent, and Kevin M. Lorigo in Orchard Park issued premium checks that bounced and commingled premium and operating funds. All  four lost their state insurance licenses. Phillip DiMartino of Batavia was fined $2,000 for drawing up false loss history letters for two businesses.

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