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For-profit thrift store makes charities uneasy, Bankruptcy filings here are down again, Holy Angels competes in global entrepreneurship competition here

From Business Today:


Savers, an international, for-profit chain of secondhand thrift stores, opened its first Western New York store in Hamburg last week. Its entry into the local scene has some charities nervous. Savers partners locally with the Epilepsy Association of Western New York, collects donated items on its behalf, pays it for the donations, then resells them for a profit. The Salvation Army, AMVETS, the Buffalo City Mission and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul all rely on donations of used items to stock their own thrift stores, the revenue from which funds their charitable works in the community. They're worried donations may dry up if Savers, which plans to open up to three more stores in the community within the next three years, begins taking a share to sell for profit.

Bankruptcy filings in Western New York were down significantly from a year ago last month. Bankruptcy filings in June were down 19 percent, making it the sixth straight month local bankruptcies have dropped. It is the lowest number of local filings since 2006. By contrast, national filings were down just 8 percent.


Canisius College will host the global Students for the Advancement of Global Entrepreneurship World Cup competition from July 22 to 25. Holy Angels Academy, which was the U.S. winner for the best social enterprise, will face off against global competitors later this month at the SAGE World Cup. The best social enterprise category is awarded for an idea that tries to change the world while being economically sustainable. Their entry is a publishing house that writes bilingual books for children about world issues.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

One reason people love shopping at thrift stores? The prices are INSANE!


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