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NFL turf looking for new home,

From Business Today:


Who knew there was so much opportunity surrounding artificial turf? Cheektowaga company A-Turf recently won the contract to replace the turf at Ralph Wilson Stadium with a winning bid of $178,000. The old stuff, which is like new, is being hauled away and stored while Erie County Executive Chris Collins takes proposals from non-profits, schools and municipalities outlining how they might make use of it. One or more applicants will receive all or a portion of the old turf at no cost. Detailed proposals should be sent to Erie County Parks Department, 95 Franklin St., 12th Floor, Buffalo, NY 14202 by Aug. 15. County Parks Commissioner James Hornung and Stephen Lynch, the owner of Sports Performance Park in Eastern Hills Mall--who paid to have the turf hauled away and stored at the mall--will review them and decide how the turf will be given away, probably by early September.


When the state Environmental Conservation Commissioner came up with recommendations for hydraulic fracturing, it stirred up more controversy around an already contentious issue. That's because the plans called for allowing "fracking" in certain parts of the state but not others. But Commissioner Joseph Martens defended his recommendations Tuesday. The reason drilling would be prohibited in the Syracuse and New York City watershed but not in most of the Marcellus Shale region, he said, is that the Syracuse and New York City regions rely on those areas as their sole source of unfiltered drinking water. If drilling is allowed nearby and New York City's water source is polluted, building a water treatment plant could cost up to $9 billion.


 The Lancaster Industrial Development Agency granted tax breaks to three firms Tuesday. Together, the companies plan to invest $13.8 million into their facilities. Try-It Distributing is planning to spend $12 million to add 106,000 square feet of storage space to its Walden Avenue warehouse. It will receive $1.05 million in tax breaks. Progressive Insurance will receive $56,875 in tax breaks as it renovates 4,000 square feet of its offices to the tune of $650,000. Ecology & Environment will get $96,250 in breaks for its $1.1 million investment in new computers and energy efficient upgrades.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Oh, why not?


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