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Local luxury housing is going strong, local real estate roundup, and smartphone apps to keep you MoneySmart

From Business Today:


Who is buying the modern mansions being built in Clarence, Orchard Park and elsewhere in Western New York? The News takes a look at the region's surprisingly robust luxury housing market. Experts say it's important to have upscale housing available if the region wants to attract the best and brightest talent.



The priciest real estate transaction in Erie County for the week ending August 19 was $960,000, according to our roundup. The priciest Niagara County transaction was $1.03 million. There were 269 sale in Erie County, with a median price of $1125,500. There were 61 sales in Niagara County, with a median price of $100,000.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?


From MoneySmart:

MoneySmart takes a look at some of the best free money-saving and personal finance smartphone apps. Download the apps on our list and you'll have the power in your pocket to do everything from comparing prices to keeping tabs on your budget.

Does somebody have a case of the Mondays?



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