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Real Estate roundup and How to start your own home-based child care center

From Business Today:


The new expanded Sunday business section made its debut this week with a profile of Moog, a growing aerospace company in Elma; a Q&A with Kimberley Minkel, executive director of the NFTA; a talk with Holt Vaughan, founder of California Road Studios, a Hollywood-level sound and video studio in Orchard Park; and a preview of the rate hikes local health insurers are asking for. 

Check out today's business section for a listing of real estate transactions in Erie and Niagara Counties.

The highest home price in Erie County was $825,000 for 86 Wildwood Lane in Orchard Park. The highest price in Niagara County was $200 million, for the Fashion Outlets of Niagara.

Listings are for the week ending Aug. 5.

From MoneySmart:


News Business Reporter Emma Sapong takes a look at what it takes to launch a home-based child care company.

The story looks at the start-up costs, training, state certification and other requirements needed to get started.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

It  may be a gloomy Monday, but it's nothing a little Buddy Guy can't take care of. Especially a little Buddy Guy in a polka-dot shirt and overalls:


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