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Amherst Walmart relocates, Brown brokerage firm dissolves and more

From Business Today:


The Amherst Walmart store on Niagara Falls Boulevard will close at 6 p.m. today as employees prepare to relocate to its new Supercenter on Sheridan Drive near North Bailey in Amherst.

The giant discounter has been trying to open in that spot since 2006, but fought lawsuits from nearby residents who didn't want the megastore built in their backyard. Walmart cleared its final legal hurdle in December 2009 and began construction early the following year.



One of Buffalo's oldest independent brokerage firms is breaking up. Harold C. Brown & Co.'s five three-member investment teams will separate by the end of the year. One team will open its own firm, the others will become employees or partners for existing firms. The brokers blamed regulatory burdens for their failure.


An attempt at economic development on the East Side has failed after 10 months, leaving the minister behind it broke. Bishop Perry L. Davis used his retirement savings to launch Buckeye's Chicken on Michigan Avenue in January. Business was good at first but he lacked restaurant experience, employees stole and tried to extort money, and customers stopped coming in, he said. Today he has been evicted by the building's landlord and is in debt for three months rent.


Profits soared during the third quarter at Computer Task Group. Profits were up 48 percent at CTG, just as analysts predicted. The rise was thanks to a surge in demand for electronic medical records projects. The company expects its fourth quarter to be the most profitable of the year, as it looks forward to bigger health care projects involving electronic medical records.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad:



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