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Airport parking savings...

From Business Today:

If you are flying out of the Buffalo Niagara International AirportAIRPARK this holiday season, you can save some money depending on where you park. From the NFTA's own lots to neighboring parking lots and hotels, the options are vast. And for some, it can be cheaper to park rather than taking a cab from home.

Rosa's Home Sores went out of business in a huge bankruptcy filing last year, but the sons of founder Paul Rosa are getting back into the business. Anthony, David and Paul HOME FURNITURE GALLERYRosa are oprning Home Furniture Gallery in two former Rosa's stores.This time it's just furniture - no electronics or appliances.

Ever wonder what the techies mean whan they talk about "the cloud," or "cloud computing?" For many businesses it's a new way of handling technology. they don't buyCloud computing 01 their own computers, the rent usage on far away computers that they connect to via the Internet. There are pros and cons to the rapidly growing technology.

Who is getting promoted and honored?

Some recent real estate transactions...



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