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Biz links: the foreclosure game

From Business Today:

Ever think of buying a home out of foreclosure, fixing it LOCAL foreclosire sales Scullup and renting it or selling it? It can be a lucrative task, but it can also lead to unforeseen expenses that drain any profits. The most important tip form experts in the field: do your homework. Learn as much about the property as possible: Is the title clear? What repairs are needed? Who is paying closing costs?

He may be best known for his MAG BILLY FUCILLO 1obnoxious television ads, but behind the 'aw shucks' image, Billy Fuccillo is a shrewd businessman.

New Buffalo Impact has built a nice business model helping low income families get their homes insulated. The firm was recently recognized as contractor of the year Winterize 03by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

Recent real estate transactions...

Who is getting promoted, hired and honored?  

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