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First Niagara gets the list...

From Business Today:

First Niagara finally got what it was waiting for: the list of HSBC branchesHSBC BANK it must sell to satisfy antitrust concerns of the U.S. Department of Justice. Now the race is on to sell those branches, and the $1.64 billion in deposits, so First Niagara's acquisition of the rest of the HSBC branches in upstate New York can proceed.

Coffee aficionados in North Buffalo have another trendy place to buy a cup now that the long awaited Spot Coffee store has opened. Spot, SPOT COFFEEa local phenomenon, has a knack for picking just the right spot for a store, including the corners of Delaware and Chippewa avenues, and Elmwood and Cleveland avenues in Buffalo and Main Street and Union Avenue in Williamsville. And now, of course, Hertle Avenue in North Buffalo. The only question is: What took them so long?

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored..

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