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Profits and sales are up at Tops, and more stories

From Business Today:


Tops had a "very good" third quarter. Sales and profits were up at Tops Holdings Corp., the Williamsville-based parent of Tops Markets. Inside sales were up by 1.5 percent, to $491 million.

The $7.5 million increase is attributed to a 2.1 percent increase in same-store sales. Frank Curci, Tops president and CEO, said the quarter's numbers show that acquiring 79 bankrupt Penn Traffic Stores last year was a sound strategy.



Matt Quagliano, a former employee of Hunt Real Estate, has lost his latest court battle against his former employer. The State Supreme Court dismissed a case last week that was brought by Quagliano against Hunt, alleging the local realty company tried to smear his good name.

Justice John A. Michalek dismissed the case as without merit. A separate court hearing ordered Quagliano to reimburse Hunt for unpaid advertising and attorney fees. At one time, Quagliano was one of Hunt's most visible realtors.


Steven J. Baum PC has made layoffs at the foreclosure law firm official by filing a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification with the state labor department. A total of 90 employees are scheduled for layoff Feb. 20, 67 of them in Amherst, according to the WARN notice. There is still no word on what will happen to some 600 employees at Pillar Processing, a company that exists solely to process paperwork from the Baum firm.

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