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Steven J. Baum PC crossed off the list.

From Business Today:

The heat is being turned up on Steven J. Baum PC, the Amherst-based law firm that handles more foreclosures than any other in the state. It has been crossed off the Baumlist of firms that banks can use if the mortgage in question has been handled by Freddie Mac. Freddie Mac is one of two quasi-public mortgage companies that handle most of the mortgages in the nation. A spokesman for Freddie Mac would not disclose the reason the firm has been black listed, but the action comes not long after photos of the tasteless Halloween party at the firm became public. The photos showed employees at the firm mocking people being evicted from their homes. Not good for the law firm doing most of the evicting. Steven Baum, the principal of the firm, says that lawyers are not the problem with the foreclosure system.

The Statler Center, a business school that trains people with disabilities for jobs in the hospitality sector, is seeking applications for courses that begin next month.

The Weinberg Campus, the retirement community in Amherst, is getting a $2 million makeover to improve aesthetics and safety.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

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