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West Side home buyers and an East Side businessman.

From Business Today:

The Elmwood Avenue Village and beautiful wide streets of the ABELLDelaware District in Buffalo are so attractive real estate values are being pushed up in a widening area around them. Lately eager home buyers have discovered the streets just west of Richmond Avenue in Buffalo, and prices are climbing.

Mack S. Luchey has been running Doris Records on Buffalo's East Side for 49 years, making it the region's oldest record store. During that time he has resorted to some clever strategies and hard work to keep the business running. He has a fascinating commentary Lucheyon Buffalo's recent history.

Does the price of a new car keep pushing you to pour more moneyRepower 04 into your old one to keep it running? Some people go to the extreme of installing a new engine, with mixed results.

Recent area real estate transactions...

Profits up, people worried.

From Business Today:

There is an economic recovery going on right now - for businesses - but workers are gloomy about the lack of hiring. Two local companies reported amazing results on Thursday. Gibraltar, which has seen some hard times lately, said sales jumped 30 percent in the previous quarter. Astronics reported profits were up 43 percent. And this morning, Moog announced an 18 percent hike in earnings. Businesses across the country are reporting similar strong results.

Meanwhile people are really worried about finding and keeping jobs. What's going on here?

It seems companies have learned a valuable and potentially catastrophic lesson: they don't need as many employees as they thought they did. Unless we start a whole bunch of new companies, that spells real trouble for our economy.

Canadian bridge traffic and women accountants.

From Business Today:

Your cable bill is going up. Time Warner Cable says the rising costs of shows it forcing it to raise prices. But one of the biggest price hikes is for its digital video recorder service, which is going up 18 percent. Hmm...

Traffic from the U.S. to Canada in the Niagara Bp5region has dropped dramatically in recent years, and a study by a bi-national tourism alliance is calling for action to help stem the decline. Reasons are many, but the biggest seems to be increased security requirements - a passport or other enhanced identification. On the other hand, Canadians continue to visit the U.S., particularly when the Canadian dollar is strong. The Binational Economic and Tourism Alliance calls for better technology at the bridges to speed traffic and better signs and other notification to let people know in advance about the traffic.

The region's only all-women accounting firm is merging with another firm to create the third-largest independent accounting firm in the region. Domachowski, Kempisty & Salvatore, a Clarence firm of all FIN WOMEN ACCOUNTANTS 2women accountants, is merging with Tronconi Segarra to create a firm with 95 employees, including 52 CPA's. But they're not all women.

Commuters into downtown Buffalo on the Kensington Expressay have watched for the past two years as the Genesee Gateway Building, a block of historic brick buildings, was completely rebuilt into office and retail space. Now the elegant complex is landing tenants. The Genesee Gateway FIN GENESEE GATEWAY GEElatest are two investment firms, Winthrop Financial and Pratt Collard Advisory Partners. They join the U.S. Passport Office, Department of State and NBT Solutions in the building.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Some get rebates and young professionals party

From Business Today:

When the natural gas industry was deregulated and prices were soaring about a decade ago, companies that promised steady prices were springing up like dandelions. One of the most aggressive was Iroquois Energy Management, which signed up thousands of customers. Then is went bankrupt, stiffing those customers who had paid deposits. Many thought they were out of luck, but a recent settlement from the bankruptcy proceedings would pay those customers who filed claims against Iroquois about 38 cents on each dollar lost. Not great, but much better than nothing.

Imagine you just moved to Buffalo for a job. The city is fun and prices are reasonable. But it seems to you that everyone already knows everyone else and it's tough to break into any social circles. That's just what some young people in the business community are finding, so the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has a group to help the new arrivals called Buffalo Niagara 360. It holds social gatherings for young professionals throughout the year. The group's kick-off party is Nov. 15 at the Larkin Center of Commerce on Exchange Street.

A Canadian software firm is planning to open a downtown Buffalo office that will start with seven workers. Business and Technology Resource Group will rent space in the Electric Tower on Washington Street. It is one in a succession of Canadian companies being attracted to the region, in part, by the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Ship Canal Commons opens and more stories

 From Business Today:


Officials cut the ribbon on a new park off Route 5 Monday. The $9.2 million Ship Canal Commons is a lush green space along Union Ship Canal at Buffalo Lake Side Commerce Park. The 22-acre public space has spots for fishing, viewing aquatic wildlife and paths for biking and hiking. The project along the Lackawanna border received several grants and is expected to attract more commercial tenants to what were once the site of the Hanna Furnace plant.


A Town of Tonawanda strip plaza has sold for $4.5 million. Phillips Edison & Co., a national retail real estate investment firm from Cincinnati, sold the Del-Ton Plaza to PDQ Properties Corp., a Florida-based firm. The plaza, at 4216 Delaware Avenue north of the Youngmann Highway, is home to Valu Home Centers and Rite Aid Pharmacy.


Profits are up--way up--at the Dunkirk-based parent of Lake Shore Savings Bank. Lake Shore Bancorp's profits soared 48.6 percent during the third quarter. It reported net income of $1.2 million, or 20 cents per share, up from $778,000, or 13 cents per share, for the same period in 2010. It was the company's seventh-straight quarter of double-digit percentage growth in earnings.


Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Del-Ton sounds too much like Deltron not to play a little Deltron Zero:




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