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PCB Piezotronics VP starts own company, and other stories...

From Business Today:


A successful local executive is all but walking away from a solid job in order to pursue his dream of starting an ergonomic chair company.

Kevin Cornacchio, vice president of sales for PCB Piezotronics is transitioning out of his position a the sensor maker as he launches Innovative Seating Solutions here and in San Francisco. The company sold its first chair in Buffalo in August. They start at under $1,000.


Western New York has a new leader in U.S. Small Business Administration loans. After years of dominance by M&T Bank, Five Star Bank has tied it for the number of loans and beat it in dollars. Five Star had $1.49 million in loans, compared to M&T's $948,500. Five Star Bank is a subsidiary of Warsaw-based Financial Institutions. Each had eight SBA loans in October.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?


From MoneySmart:

Looking for tickets to a sporting event? 

Today's MoneySmart cover story outlines all the options, from legit marketplaces such as to the good, old-fashioned scalpers.


It's November 14. And it's really, really nice out. Maybe this whole global warming thing is not so bad?




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