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Some get rebates and young professionals party

From Business Today:

When the natural gas industry was deregulated and prices were soaring about a decade ago, companies that promised steady prices were springing up like dandelions. One of the most aggressive was Iroquois Energy Management, which signed up thousands of customers. Then is went bankrupt, stiffing those customers who had paid deposits. Many thought they were out of luck, but a recent settlement from the bankruptcy proceedings would pay those customers who filed claims against Iroquois about 38 cents on each dollar lost. Not great, but much better than nothing.

Imagine you just moved to Buffalo for a job. The city is fun and prices are reasonable. But it seems to you that everyone already knows everyone else and it's tough to break into any social circles. That's just what some young people in the business community are finding, so the Buffalo Niagara Partnership has a group to help the new arrivals called Buffalo Niagara 360. It holds social gatherings for young professionals throughout the year. The group's kick-off party is Nov. 15 at the Larkin Center of Commerce on Exchange Street.

A Canadian software firm is planning to open a downtown Buffalo office that will start with seven workers. Business and Technology Resource Group will rent space in the Electric Tower on Washington Street. It is one in a succession of Canadian companies being attracted to the region, in part, by the Buffalo Niagara Enterprise.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

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