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West Side home buyers and an East Side businessman.

From Business Today:

The Elmwood Avenue Village and beautiful wide streets of the ABELLDelaware District in Buffalo are so attractive real estate values are being pushed up in a widening area around them. Lately eager home buyers have discovered the streets just west of Richmond Avenue in Buffalo, and prices are climbing.

Mack S. Luchey has been running Doris Records on Buffalo's East Side for 49 years, making it the region's oldest record store. During that time he has resorted to some clever strategies and hard work to keep the business running. He has a fascinating commentary Lucheyon Buffalo's recent history.

Does the price of a new car keep pushing you to pour more moneyRepower 04 into your old one to keep it running? Some people go to the extreme of installing a new engine, with mixed results.

Recent area real estate transactions...

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