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Biz Links: Bob Brady sent Moog soaring.

From Business Today:

Robert T. Brady has been one of Western New York's finest business leaders for decades
. As he steps down as CEO of Moog, Inc., it's fitting to look back at MOOG, BRADYhow he turned a talented but badly-managed company into an aerospace powerhouse.

To collectors, the shops that sell comic books, sports cards, stamps and coins are the focal points of a passion to collect and treasure things that often take us back to our youth. These shops are fighting COMICSa tough battle to survive in the internet age. Some have adapted, and some continue in their traditional ways.

The AAA has morphed from the old automobile club with roadside assistance and flip-chart Trip Tik maps, into a giant travelAAA chestnut 10 agency and now garage operator. Tom Chestnut, president and CEO, discusses why.

Think you can't build a successful business in Buffalo? Just as Paul Dedrick, president of Buffalo Games. He sold his farm to start the Dedrickpuzzle and game maker and now runs 24-hours shifts to keep up wth demand.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

Recent real estate transactions...


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