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Biz Links: Construction jobs jump.

From Business Today:


Construction jobs in the Buffalo Niagara region have grown at the third fastest pace in the country. Over the last year ending in October, the region had an 18 percent increase in construction jobs. The 3,600-job gain was beat only by Houston with 5,100 jobs and Columbus, Ohio with 4,200 jobs. The job growth is attributed to projects in health care, university and private-sector development.



Home sales in the Buffalo Niagara region were up three percent in October. Closed sales rose to 722 from 703 for the same month a year ago. Both of those years' figures are the region's lowest in at least a decade.  Pending sales fell 7 percent, another historic low. Fewer people listed their homes for sale and prices fell, too. The average home price for October 2011 was $132,205, compared to 2010's $142,269.


Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?


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