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"The Biggest Loser" could be a local winner.

From Business Today:

The wildly popular TV show "The Biggest Loser," has spawned Beaver hollowa string of health resorts, and one of them will be located in Western New York. The always innovative Beaver Hollow Conference Center in Java Center, owned by Buffalo magnate Paul Snyder and marketed by his daughter Sandra Schoellkopf, is building a center for the Fitness Ridge, the company that operates Biggest Loser resorts in Utah and California. The Biggest Losercenter will cater to individuals and corporations, and some of the TV shows may be filmed there. "We're were trying to grow our business in a declining economy, and we figured, who not shoot for the moon?" Schoellkopf said. The resort will create about 200 jobs.

Evans Bancorp had a fourth quarter that most busineses dream about. The company's profits tripled, as it made more money and set aside less for losses from its leasing business. The Hamburg-based bank reported earning $1.3 million for the quarter and $6.1 million forDAVID NASCAthe year. Modest numbers when you think of the nation's big banks, but solid, local banking returns. "A terrific quarter," is how CEO David Nasca described it.

From the ashes of the Steven J. Baum PC firm, a new foreclosure firm is emerging, hiring many of the Baum refugees. But the new firm - Gross, Polowy & Orlans LLC - claims it will be in the business of keeping people in their homes first, rather than racing to foreclose. Can a tiger change its stripes? We'll see.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

It's a global phenomenon...


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