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Buying new cars again...

From Business Today:

Western New York is a terrific place to be in the car business. TheFord car sales feb 02 weather beats cars up, and the residents love buying new ones - and they are loyal customers. They proved it in February, driving up sales 6.4 percent from the previous year. Most dealers said they have not seen a big panic from buyers due to $4 a gallon gas. Seems we like our trucks and SUV's, too.


The former Bristol-Myers Squibb plant on Forest Avenue in Buffalo is apparently a world-class facility. For years the company made Kerri lotion and other ointments there. Then a Canadian thrid-party Bristol-Myersproducer bought the place, operated there for a few years and then moved its operations to Canada. The plant, near Buffalo State College, has been bought by a California firm that plans to lease it out in parts. But first it is auctioning all the stainless steel vats and other equipment.

U.S. Rep. Kathy C. Hochul, who seems to hold a press conference every other day now, is pushing for schools to work more closely with local companies to make sure students are learning skills that the local economy needs. She met withSchool to work KIRKHAM 01 educators from around the region to discuss her Workforce-Ready Educate America Act.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?


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