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Cultural tourism, it's for real.

From Business Today:

The hard work that has gone into the Frank Lloyd Wright homes DARWIN MARTIN HOUSEin the region and other cultural attractions is showing its value in the growth of cultural tourism. And local promoters expect it to continue to flourish.

The popularity of wings and weck and other Buffalo favorites is being spread across the country by a growing cadre of ex-pat Kirk Weaverrestaurateurs. From hot wings to Sahlens hotdogs and variations of beef on weck, Buffalo cuisine can be found from Florida to Arizona and beyond. We knew it was too good to keep to ourselves.

Some interesting thoughts about health care reform from the CEO of Independent CROPPHealth Micheal Cropp, who is also a doctor.

Next time a waitress comes up to your table and asks for your order, O'Leary, Khanyou can tell her "there's an app for that."

Recent real estate transactions.

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