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Penny for your thoughts...

EmotivAre you ready to be freaked out?

Then read this article from Wired magazine.

It reports findings of a study that showed researchers could read the thoughts of subjects who wore certain EEG headsets. The headsets, which read brainwaves, are already readily available and help people with disabilities manipulate computers and games hands free.

A team of security researchers from Oxford, UC Berkeley, and the University of Geneva say that they were able to deduce digits of PIN numbers, birth months, areas of residence and other personal information by presenting 30 headset-wearing subjects with images of ATM machines, debit cards, maps, people, and random numbers in a series of experiments. The paper, titled “On the Feasibility of Side-Channel Attacks with Brain Computer Interfaces,” represents the first major attempt to uncover potential security risks in the use of the headsets.

“The correct answer was found by the first guess in 20% of the cases for the experiment with the PIN, the debit cards, people, and the ATM machine,” write the researchers. “The location was exactly guessed for 30% of users, month of birth for almost 60% and the bank based on the ATM machines for almost 30%.”

---Samantha Maziarz Christmann


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