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Pint-sized programmers....

KidsComputersGrandparents like to joke that their toddler grandkids know more about the computer than they do. And who doesn't get a chuckle when they see a four-year-old boot up the family's PC?

But it looks like early exposure to computers, gaming and coding could be the key to turning out American engineers, something this country does less of than India and China.

This article on Bloomberg takes an interesting look at pint-sized computer programmers:

Lua is one of a handful of visual coding languages that are helping kids try their hand at software coding amid a boom in online games and applications for devices such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone. The user-friendly tools are being popularized by sites like Roblox, a platform that lets users create and play games with interactive animations from zombies to medieval fortresses. They could be instrumental in helping fill what companies like Google Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. say is a shortfall in U.S. engineering talent . . . .

Some young people are picking up coding skills from online programming classes offered by startups, including Udacity Inc., Codecademy and Coursera Inc. More than 1 million people have taken Codecademy courses since its introduction in August 2011, and elementary school teachers through college professors have used the material in their classrooms, said Codecademy co- founder Zach Sims, who said learning coding is the “new literacy.”

---Samantha Maziarz Christmann


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