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Job hunting, waste disposal and IDA drama...

Is technology making it easier or more difficult to find a job? A click of a button and your resume is off to a potential employer. But that ease of applying has created a mountain of resumes for every HR department to glean through. If you are not adept at putting in the right key words, you may never get noticed. Some folks still like the old fashioned method of dropping by for a visit to say hello to the person doing the hiring.

Can't wait until the next county hazardous waste drop off day? A City of Tonawanda company thinks it has solved your problem. Hazman accepts household hazardous waste all the time - for a small fee. So you just lost your excuse for not cleaning the garage.

The discussion over how to revamp the region's vast array of Industrial Development Agencies has taken an unexpected turn. The suburban IDA's that oppose a plan to fade away and let the Erie County IDA take over may request the authority to grant tax breaks in nearby towns that do not have their own IDAs. The idea it to create a whole bunch of smaller regional IDAs. Opponents of that plan, like State Assemblyman Sean Ryan, say that would just give the small IDAs more clout to grant tax breaks to bad deals.

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