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Buffalo and the lists she makes

Most people have weighed in by now about the silly Ukrainian "study" that has deemed Buffalo the city with the most miserable people, judging by their Tweets. LOCAL BUFFALO AERIAL GEE

No one seems to be buying it, but it is interesting to see that we have a high concentration of that kind of Tweet. It's more intriguing than all of those other lists Buffalo keeps ending up on, with dubious selection criteria.

We placed 10th on's list of places to find a sensitive man, 16th out of America's top 25 drunkest cities and 33rd among America's most literate cities.

Forbes magazine has ranked us one of the countries "Most Miserable Cities," a top tailgating city, a top city to raise a family and the best place to be a working mom. American Style magazine named us a top 25 arts destination, Kiplinger named us the 5th best place for commuters and BusinessWeek named us the best place to ride out the recession.

 If you could come up with your own ranking, what kind of list would Buffalo top?


---Samantha Maziarz Christmann

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