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A tremor in the Force

Star Wars fans might be in shock today with the news that creator Disney-Lucasfilm George Lucas has sold the franchise of Luke, Leia, Darth and Hans to Disney!

Can we expect Mickey vs. Yoda? Sith Lord Roger Rabbit?

The deal continues Disney's quest for total domination of the movie industry (ala The Evil Empire?),  having previously bought Marvel Entertainment and Pixar.

The most recent Star Wars movies have been slick events with super special effects, but does anyone else miss the "made in the garage" feel of the earliest movies, with plastic model spaceships flying around? The gritty feel added somehow to the whole adventure.

Lucas, after the $4.05 billion sale, will remain an advisor on future Star Wars movies, but don't be surprised if they have a slightly different feel. Disney knows how to appeal to the broadest possible audience, not the more narrow die-hards who have made Star Wars an icon.

Some other voices on the issue:

Nothing ro worry about

Might be okay

We'll see

Episode Seven!


- Grove Potter





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