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Grand Island hotel could get an upgrade

The Grand Island Holiday Inn sits in a beautiful spot, on the southeast corner HOLIDAY INN GRAND ISLAND of the island overlooking the bend in the east branch of the Niagara River. It has very nice amenities, including two swimming pools, and the tour boat the Grand Lady often cruises from nearby docks. The hotel is located between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, but is slightly off the beaten path, making it more tranquil than some hotels in busier spots.

But the Grand Island hotel fell on hard times in recent years, struggling through bankruptcy. But that may all change now.

In a lively auction run by Blackbird Auctioneers on Wednesday, a group of investors  headed by Dubai-based Byblos Hospitality Group bought the hotel as its first property in North America. There are two local investors in the group, giving the effort some local know-how.

HOLIDAY INN GRAND ISLAND viewBut if the Byblos group brings some of the glamor of its other holdings to the Grand Island property, the nice view of the river may soon come with some extra luxury.

- Grove Potter

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